Thanks for helping us define how we will work together over the next ten years

Over 3,100 people including staff, students and postgraduate researchers joined The Big Leeds Conversation between 12 – 30 July.

Together you shared your ideas, read, voted and commented upon the ideas of others to help us co-create a view of how everyone at the University of Leeds ought to treat each other. These contributions were used to develop five new values and 15 behaviours which now need to be sense checked and refined by you – the people who have helped to create it.

Our draft values and behaviours

Integrity: we are open and honest in our words and actions

  • We are accountable for our actions and goals and strive to do our best to make a positive difference. 
  • We trust each other to do the right thing. 
  • We are honest, open and transparent, sharing personal challenges and experiences to help each other. 

Inclusivity: we are a community where everyone belongs  

  • We collaborate to create safe and inclusive environments where everyone has a voice and is supported to thrive, develop and excel.
  • We are fair in our actions and foster equality of outcomes. 
  • We respect and welcome the diversity of cultures and perspectives from within the UK and internationally.

Expanding horizons: we push the boundaries of knowledge and practice together

  • We have the courage to take risks, challenge assumptions and tackle the issues of our time.
  • We protect freedom of expression and academic freedom and engage in constructive debate.
  • We create a collaborative, innovative environment and support each other to learn and grow.  

Compassion: we are caring and considerate in our words and actions

  • We actively listen, recognising and respecting differing needs and points of view.
  • We treat each other with kindness and empathy.
  • We strive to understand different perspectives, backgrounds and preferences and reflect this in our thoughts and actions.

Collaboration: we work together to achieve our goals and ambitions

  • We collaborate and innovate with individuals, institutions and nations to further our understanding and achieve our vision.
  • We build and nurture meaningful relationships, locally and globally.
  • We take pride in our collective achievements, recognise everyone's contributions, and celebrate success.

We have also taken the opportunity to draft our mission and vision, which was informed by your feedback. Our mission and vision define our purpose and ambition, and our values guide our actions to help shape our culture. Together, they articulate who we are, what we stand for and how we work together to achieve our aspirations.

Our draft mission

Through collaboration, we harness our expertise in research and education to advance knowledge, transform lives and shape a better future for our communities, our region and the world.

Our draft vision

Working with others, we will use our collective talents, expertise and shared endeavour in research and education to address local and global challenges, achieve social justice, reduce inequalities, and help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We will enable our students to thrive through a sense of belonging. They will be partners in shaping their own dynamic and innovative educational experience, characterised by active learning, digital technologies and collaboration. Students will feel valued for their unique contribution, and they will graduate equipped to make a difference as true global citizens.